Flip Viewing “Automation World 2012 Exhibition” – Automation and IT convergence technologies

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Imagine industrial sites – Smart, Safe, and energy Saving

Let’s find the answers in the exhibition (Automation World 2012) how 3S(Smart, Saving, Safety) new technologies and new products fused with Automation & IT create a blue ocean and green ocean?

“Automation World 2012” at COEX Seoul which advocates new innovation technologies converged automation and IT technology began on April 3.

It is said that this 23rd annual ‘Automation World’ exhibition integrated and developed AIMEX (Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement Exhibition)’ and ‘International Building Automation Industry Exhibition’, ‘Machine Vision Exhibition and expanded a lot of things to see and work through various conferences and seminars, including ‘Automation Conference 2012’.

This exhibition boasts one of the largest exhibitions of automation sector in Asia.
Over 300 leading domestic and international companies – Siemens Korea, LS Industrial Systems, ABB Korea, Korea Endress+Hauser, Korea Phoenix Contact, Autonics, Korea Emerson, Hilscher Korea, Crevis, etc. – will participate in this exhibition on the scale of 900 booths.

New products and solutions being exhibited by these vendors each year has become a milestone in the domestic automation industry. This exhibition selects a subject of 3S. New industrial automation solutions and products are composed of ‘Smart’ combined with IT, ‘Saving’ reducing energy, and ‘Safety + Security’ related with safety and security

Especially, it is being watched that large numbers of industrial network technologies combined with IT network technologies are showcased, and introduce many new solutions.
LSIS (LS Industrial Systems) has developed RAPIEnet, the only international standard industrial network technology in Korea. RAPIEnet was applied to various control and automation systems, solutions for factory and process plants and has already positive results in the fields of automobile production lines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic devices, as well as nuclear power plant by LS Industrial Systems PLC. Now RAPIEnet is growing as a world-class technology.

KPA (Korea PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association) has prepared a large variety of demo wall that automation vendors are able to integrate their complex devices and show satisfactory compatibility. At this demo wall, global companies specializing in automation equipment – Siemens, GE, Endress+Hauser, B&R Korea, Hilscher Korea, Profichip, Deutscheman automation, etc. – participated.

ODVA TAG Korea presented a demonstration line that many vendors connect controllable devices, field devices, HMI in real-time interaction and realize robust mutual communication between them. The first day of Exhibition, ODVA suggested the development methodology through EtherNet/IP seminars using Industrial Ethernet technology regarded as future technology 10 years ago.

ETG Korea (EtherCAT Technology Group Korea) introduced positively EtherCAT technology which boasts the fastest real-time control performance in Korea. Many domestic companies have already become a member and actively promote the development of motion control products and introduce a variety of products

MMA Korea (MECHATROLINK Members Association Korea) introduced MECHATROLINK II and III technologies which is stable network technology used in robotics and automation systems

On April 4, afternoon, a various conferences and seminars also will be ready. “Automation Conference 2012”’ co-hosted ICN, COEX and CHUMDAN will be held on a large scale at COEX Grand Ballroom on the second day of the exhibition.
Introduction of automation IT convergence technology in the field of automation, steel and other plants, as well as the new emerging technology -industrial wireless technology- will be introduced and security issues in industrial control systems will be dealt with in depth.
On April 5, during the day, “Korea Industrial Communication-network for Energy Seminar” on industrial IT convergence technology and energy-saving ways is waiting for the visitors. This seminar will present various programs for motor driving, energy-saving measures, and constructing smart control system in the factory production line from field devices to control devices through the management line connecting the vertical integration. Technologies to be announced on the same day are the KS standard protocol certified by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy from the end of last year, and all the international standard technology, too.

Through this seminar, we are accessible of various technologies and applications as the new guidelines in automation devices and systems.
Besides, the exhibition will include many events for students, ordinary visitors to share information and to raise awareness about industrial communication networks. Many various events such as offering free gifts, pre-registration draw, spot quiz event, The year’s best technology award selected by visitors, job fairs, smart-phone upgrade bus tour are going to be a spectacle. This exhibition is going on April 06, Friday.


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